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What are the details?

Who: Anyone older than 18 wanting to create a life they love What: Coaching to improve your relationship with yourself and align your life with what matters the most to you (NOT MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENT) When: I currently see people Monday through Thursday with appointments between 10am-3:30pm (I may expand my hours in the future) Where: I work remotely, and use Google Meet for virtual appointments Why: Increase your self-worth, know yourself better, release negative beliefs, identify what you truly value and desire from life, and increase feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction in your life Price: Sessions are $150 per hour. How often: Frequency of sessions varies depending on client’s goals. Clients typically start with meeting weekly, and may choose to space out the frequency of their appointments as they make consistent progress toward their goals. How long: Length of coaching also varies depending on clients' goals. Some clients may choose a specific timeframe in which to participate in coaching services. Others may decide to continue meeting until they reach specific goals.

What is the difference between life coaching and counseling?

Life coaching is all about personal growth, while counseling primarily deals with mental health concerns. Counselors use established therapeutic methods to diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders, while life coaches use their life experiences and effective change strategies to help clients reach their goals. Counseling resolves issues, while coaching guides clients toward their desired life. While both coaching and counseling offer benefits like increased confidence and satisfaction, it's important to note that coaching is not a substitute for mental health counseling

How do I start?

Click below to fill out the new client inquiry form and you'll hear from us within 72 hours with next steps!

What should I expect during the coaching process?

In our first session, we'll set your goals, uncover your strengths and resources, and explore any obstacles that may be holding you back from achieving your desired changes. We'll work together to create a clear plan for reaching your goals. My approach combines practical strategies with healing to overcome any negative beliefs or past wounds that might be hindering your progress. Throughout our journey, I'll help you identify and address these barriers, making positive change feel natural and compassionate.

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

Coaching is a fantastic tool for those who are eager to make positive life changes and could use some guidance and support along the way. It's all about helping you clarify your goals and overcome any obstacles you might encounter on your journey. It's important to remember that coaching is not a replacement for mental health treatment. If you have untreated mental or emotional concerns, it's advisable to consider counseling either before or alongside coaching services to ensure your well-being.

How do I know if you are the right coach for me?

To determine if I'm the right coach for you, I recommend starting by exploring my coaching and about me pages. This will provide you with insights into my approach, experience, and values as a professional. My core focus is empowering clients to create a life they love by healing their self-perception and aligning their life with their core values. If you're motivated to make positive changes, open to feedback, and align with these goals, we’re likely a great match. I hold a strong belief in respecting your autonomy and unique individuality. My primary aim is to help you become more authentically yourself. Consequently, many individuals who may not always find a safe space to grow elsewhere often feel at ease and supported when working with me. This is especially true for neurodivergent clients, members of the queer community and other marginalized groups, and those looking to expand and explore their spirituality. Ultimately, the most important factor is whether you resonate with my approach and feel a sense of alignment with our shared goals and values.

How do you receive payment for sessions?

I currently only accept payment for life coaching services through Venmo. After our appointments, I will send you a request for the price of the session from my business Venmo account.

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