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Areas of Expertise

Self-concept and Attachment Style

Self-concept encompasses our beliefs about our abilities, value, appearance, and identity. This is the foundation our lives are built upon. Our self-concept strongly influences our self-esteem, behaviors, attachment style, and life choices, directing our life's path. A negative self-concept can lead to behaviors that keep us from the life we want to live such as self-sabotage, avoidance, and self-doubt. A strong and healthy self-concept guides us toward experiences, people, and opportunities that align with our genuine desires, and allows us to maintain our alignment with a life that we love.

General Alignment and Spirituality

Spirituality encompasses our beliefs about our identity, purpose, and life's meaning. Alignment, in turn, measures how closely our actions and choices mirror those spiritual beliefs. When our life doesn't align with our values, it often leads to feelings of anxiety, depression, and a sense of unfulfillment. By gaining clarity about our individual values and taking intentional actions to honor them, we unlock genuine satisfaction and joy.

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My Approach

My Perspective on Coaching

I believe everyone deserves a life they genuinely love. The answer to what brings that fulfillment is deeply personal and unique for each individual. We experience the most joy and satisfaction in our lives when we align with what truly matters to us as individuals. Though life's challenges can disconnect us from our sense of fulfillment, the answers to true realignment can be found by listening to our intuition. Our intuition is inextricably linked to our inherent value. Remembering who we are and that we are worthy of feeling good allows us to use our intuition to make decisions that naturally guide us to alignment. Working through the barriers that block our connection to our inherent worth clears the way for us to follow that inner guidance system. Listening to our intuition will naturally align us with what truly matters and allow the process of building a life that we love to be compassionate and joyful. 

My Approach to Coaching

Both professionally and personally, I've dedicated years to understanding the process of change. Through this journey, I've discovered that the most natural path to life transformation lies in reconnecting with your true self and remembering your inherent worth. Knowing ourselves allows us to understand our true desires and reminds us that we are worthy of a life that we will love. My coaching approach, rooted in the principles and process of Internal Family Systems theory, focuses on identifying and resolving obstacles that hinder your connection with your self-worth. This process leads to increased self-love, trust in your intuition, and alignment with what truly matters to you

My Approach
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